Eliel Almonte is a seasoned Graphic Designer with over a decade of industry experience. Holding an Associate's Degree in Graphic Design from Valencia College, Eliel has contributed to both design firms and in-house teams throughout his career. A lifelong passion for the creative arts led Eliel to pursue a career in design, starting as a Graphic Designer at FASTSIGNS South Orlando after completing his degree. This early experience provided a strong foundation for his professional journey.
Eliel's career spans a diverse spectrum of projects, encompassing branding and identity design, packaging, and digital design. He has collaborated with clients of varying scales, ranging from small businesses to Fortune 500 companies.
In his current capacity, Eliel collaborates with a team of designers, overseeing projects from inception to completion. Proficient in project management, he adeptly manages multiple tasks concurrently. Eliel's acute attention to detail ensures that every project attains the highest quality standards.
Driven by a profound passion for design, Eliel constantly seeks innovative solutions to tackle intricate problems and deliver meaningful user experiences.
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